About us

JAIPUR, May 2012… a radical name entered the Event Industry with a different vision, fortitude and zeal ‘FESTAL EVENTS LLP’ with a motto…..Be Different – ‘Don’t Follow the Queue Which World Follows’ Since then, Festal emerged as a pioneer and became instrumental in shaping the Event & Entertainment Industry in India and today is a well-established Event Management Company with the strategy to create an exhilarating and inspiring environment all around to experience each element of the event with finesse. From inspiring conceptualizing to impeccable execution, we proudly deliver cherished events under visionary leadership and lift the impact of each and every event to new level of success and unparalleled identity. In past , Festal has knocked off their events practically in every part of the country and has experienced more than 700 top notch events in Social Vertical, Corporate Vertical and Hospitality Vertical. They have flourishingly established healthy relationships with top most businessmen and renowned families and is successively managing the same with pride.

Come Meet The People Behind Festal

Best Event Planner - Akanksha jain

Akansha Jain

Co-Founder, Head in Business Development & Client Servicing

Born and brought up in Jaipur, growing up Akansha could never have imagined that she would be leading a team of young managers in an attempt to change the concepts of Hospitality and Logistics Industry. She being the power house of her own empire adds an incredible touch in her own different way to make sure her experience matches the different style of every client.
Her interpersonal & negotiating skills make her a pivotal figure in getting new clients for the organisation. With over ten years in the business, Akansha’s core strengths are in Client Servicing & Hospitality. She is also responsible for overall business development and sourcing business from various associations, non-government organizations, pan India.
Akanksha’s strong network and liaison with the Leading Hotels, Art director, decorators, Set designer, Artists etc. help her offer the best and the most varied options to the Client, ensuring every function has a personalized touch. Her exposure to diverse cultures, trends and styles adds a new dimension while curating the relations for the families who like to opt for a path less trodden.

best Event Organizer in jaipur

Devang Jain

Co-Founder, Head of Ground Operation & Execution

Great minds don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference. Devang Jain has molded extensive and profound relations across India and has had a significantly positive impact on the growth of Festal’s business. He believes in bringing creativity and oomph to the work that the company does. He has an eye for detailing and has delivered some of the most experiential weddings & social events across India. Devang has his pulse on the latest production and technological breakthroughs and constantly experiments with new ideas. He perhaps surprised his family by his rather unorthodox and progressive career choice, due to his organizational proficiency, conceptualization and execution. Driven by creativity with a strong focus on logistics and operations, devang has the abiliyu to both imagine and feasibly bring that idea to life within set time frames , budgets and resources.
Devang is unstoppable in the race!

Gaurav Kalra

Co-Founder, Head of Mice

Gaurav Kalra, the go-to-pundit for MICE Events. He is the brainchild behind all corporate events that the company manages. He is spearheaded and has managed several mega corporate events for the company, as well as lend his strategic foresight for some of the company’s biggest brand launches and corporate events. Throughout his leadership, he has emphasised on values like reliability, consistent quality delivery, equality, respect and teamwork which has earned Festal strong market reputation as well as built close strategic relationships with various associations like HeroMotocorp. Gaurav’s zeal for planning and execution sets him apart. He has a passion to create engaging and polished events. He handles our corporate division with a laser-like focus on building new clients and creating unmatched experiences to suit client requirements.

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